Joining Old With New

Our inspiration for Borealis is what came before: The historic Great Northern Railway, bound for Tacoma, Washington had its starting point here in the North Loop. An enormous subterranean stone tunnel lies under the site, carrying Basset Creek to the nearby Mississippi, the Father of Waters. What's old is inherently part of what's new at Borealis.

Designed as a neo-Warehouse District building, Borealis opened in March 2018, the redevelopment of a parking lot adjoined to the 1893 Itasca V building owned by Solhem. The Borealis building adds energy and life to the historic Itasca complex and aims to create community through good, sustainable design delivered with a fun, modern vibe.



In 2008, environmentalist Curt Gunsbury gathered the support of six college friends to create Solhem — a green rental apartment building in Uptown Minneapolis. When longtime North Loop resident Robb Miller (TE Miller Development) approached the team to bring the Solhem concept to the North Loop, a second property, Soltvå, came to life.

Borealis is now the team's fifth project in the North Loop. Its fun and modern aesthetic epitomizes the idea that thoughtful design facilitates a happier society. Curt and friends love that the delight they have in each other has set the tone for another wonderful community.